Tame the Tangle with Sling Tamers!!

You can now easily access all of your rifles with your neatly organized cabinet!

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Introducing the Sling Tamer

Control all your slings, and keep them where they belong and not on a shelf.

Keep Your Guns Organized The Sling Tamer will keep your cabinet tidy. Easy access to any one of your rifles.
Increase Safety You can easily access the rifle that you want and won't pull others by mistake. A tidy cabinet is a safe cabinet.
Prevent Damage Sling Tamer will prevent damage to your equipment so you can enjoy the important things in life.
Have a problem with slings getting in the way in your rifle storage area?
Rifles on top of slings, tangled around other rifles in your cabinet or containment?
Ever have a rifle you didn't choose, follow the one you chose out of your cabinet?
Ever have damage because of entanglement of the slings in your cabinet?

I had these problems too and you're not alone. I searched around online and with retailers, friends, family, and most everyone told me to take my slings off and store them separately. Forget that... I came up with a fix for that problem and applied for a patent. I call it Sling Tamer and it freaking works!!! Managed to get my cost of goods lower, so, I'll passing the savings on to you... $15.00 for 3pack, it'll ship for $5.00.

Bob Kara
Inventor, Owner
Sling Tamer
Sling Tamer - Rifle Sling Tension Device
Introductory Price $ 15.00 CADS - 3 pack

3 per pack

Ships within 3 days.

Special orders, or large quantities, please contact us

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Sling Tamer can be found in the following stores
Siwash SportsChilliwack, BC
Kent OutdoorsAgassiz, BC
Hope OutdoorsHope, BC